20 Oktober- Länets Allsång Jämtland in Östersund, Sporthallen

My experience at Allsång in Östersund was one of those experiences I would not trade for anything. The atmosphere, how people filled the hall and just how they were there to have fun was an amazing thing to be a part of. The musicians and the choir were absolutely awesome. Working with such amazing and great artists was an honour. Thank you to the organisers and everyone who was involved in making the event such a success. I had an amazing time up on that stage.

15 Oktober - 100%Ladies in Krokom, Sporthallen

I performed in Krokom. I had an amazing time with the band and the audience was great. People really came out and the hall was full. Thank you to all of you who came out, thank you to the event organisers, the band, stage manager, mc, artists, sound and lighting team. I hope to work with you all soon again.